Flower Power UVR8 kit 1000mm

  • Komplett UVB kit.
  • 2 stk Flower Power lysstoffrør .
  • 2 stk armatur.
  • 3 meter strømkabel
  • 1,5 meter skjøtekabel.

Flower Power UVR8 Lamps are a supplementary light source with an entirly unique spectrum, that when added to the growing environment provide a list of responses that are very beneficial to the indoor grower.
Benefits include: Boosting resins, oils, terpenes and flavonoids. Killing Powdery Mildew and other types of moulds. Killing and suppressing soft shelled insects, including spider mite, thrips and aphids.

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Flower Power UVR8 Full Kit 1000mm

Bare Solacure har UVR8 effekten. Nesten ingen lamper produserer UVB i området 280-320 nm, delvis på grunn av glassets begrensninger. Solacure lamper er det eneste unntaket, ettersom de bruker en type glass designet spesielt for gjennomsiktighet over hele UVB spekteret. Denne patenterte glassteknologien, kombinert med deres unike blanding av fosfor og høy ytelse er det det som gjør Solacure lampene til de mest effektive produsentene av UVA og UVB lys, og den eneste lampen som er i stand til å utløse hele potensialet til UVR8 effekten!

Flower Power lysstoffrør

  • Increase production of unique plant compounds from between 20% – 35%, with many growers reporting increases of 35%+. Patented technology makes this possible through the stimulation of the UVR8 protein, which is triggered by UVB radiation at 288nm. This, in turn, stimulates plants to produce more compounds to protect itself from the increased UVB.
  • Kill or supress Powdery Mildew. Our lamps are proven to help eliminate PM and other moulds which cannot live in a high UV environment. They are not a substitute for good sanitation, but provide extra insurance that PM won’t sneak up on you.
  • Kill or supress insects. The 66% UVA portion of our lamps is modelled after the sun, but is more intense. In a growroom, where there is nowhere to hide, insect populations will drastically reduce before they multiply.
  • More compact, denser flowers and less ‘legginess’ during flowering. High UVB exposure reduces how much taller plants get during flowering, as the plant converts energy from growing taller stems into producing more unique plant compounds.
  • Built in Reflectors Solacure lamps are R-UV lamps. The ‘R’ stands for ‘Reflector’ because the lamps have reflectors built inside the tube. R-UV lamps increase the total UV output of the lamp and mean you don’t need your own reflectors.


This is a professional grade, slim profile fixture that will run on anything from 120-277 volts and is built with the specific needs of commercial horticulture. Lamp operation is 32w as standard but fixture has a Dual Power function allowing the user to increase the power for use in green houses or large facilities where primary HID fixtures are over 1m from canopy and UV exposure time is more than 4 hours per day.

  • High output Dual Power T8/T12 Fixture.
  • Daisy Chain up to 8 fixtures.
  • Integral Hanging attachments