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  • Pro Flower Kullfilter 12x30 -500m³/t

Pro Flower Kullfilter 12x30 -500m³/t

  • Pro Flower kullfilter.
  • 125x300mm.
  • 500m³/t.
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Using the finest Virgin Australian RC 412 granular carbon
Allowing tight packing and leaving no space for VOC’s (odours) to escape.


Machine Packed
Allowing more carbon, and less movement.


Open Air Mesh Design
Maximises Airflow.


Activated Carbon absorbs and traps pollutants
Within the carbon removing 99% of odours and impurities from the air.

    • 2 Pre Filters Included
    • Large custom mesh for increased air flow
    • Unique, light-weight & highly efficient design
    • Refined Aluminium flange
    • Aluminium top and base