Sunmaster 600W dual spectrum

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum. 1 HPS pære igjennom hele dyrkeperioden.
90,000 Lumen.

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Sunmaster 600W dual spectrum 

Sunmaster 600W dual spectrum HPS grow lamp puts out both red spectrum and enough blue spectrum light to be used as a sole light source throughout all stages of growing. This eliminates the need to buy separate metal halide and HPS bulbs for the vegetative and flowering / fruiting stages of plant growth.

Dual spectrum lamps are increasingly becoming a number one choice for growers as more and more are discovering these bulbs do a great job throughout all stages of plant growth.

  • Teknologi: HID
  • Watt: 600
  • Sokkel: E40
  • Kelvin: 2'000
  • Lumen: 90'000
  • Gjennomsnittlig levetid: 20'000 timer
  • For både vegetativ & blomstring stadiet